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What is a forklift attachment

What is a forklift attachment

  • 2022-04-18
1. Attachment frame and guide frame.
The auxiliary frame and guide wheels of the forklift have no cracks at all. The combination of the forklift and the gantry crane is good, it can slide on the gantry crane, it is soft and stable, and there should be no locking phenomenon. The guiding surface of the guiding carrier beam must be flat and smooth so that the lateral movement of the fork is smooth and reliable. The fork must have sufficient strength and rigidity to combine well with the guide frame beam. The auxiliary frame of the forklift generally needs to be installed with a newly flat protective frame to avoid complete deformation. The gantry, the tilting cylinder and the forklift frame should be firmly connected, with good coordination, reliable locking and flexible rotation.
Second, the forklift gantry.
The forklift mast is one of the accessories of the forklift, and the forklift mast generally adopts an overlapping structure. The inner and outer door frames cooperate well, slide flexibly, and have no jamming phenomenon. No cracks, no defects that affect the strength and rigidity, and the deformation should not exceed the allowable value of the design. The gantry must be deformed and welded, and the inner and outer gantry, auxiliary frame and inner gantry should be relatively weak. The rotation of the roller should be flexible, the roller and shaft should not be cracked or damaged, and the wear of the wheel groove should not exceed 10% of the original size. The tension of the two crane chains must be uniform, not twisted and deformed, and the connection at the ends must be firm. Do not increase the fit clearance between the connecting rod pin and socket. The rotation of the sprocket must be flexible, and the depth of the groove must be less than 0.5mm of the original size. The auxiliary frame should be free from large deformation and welding.
3. Forklift guide pulley frame.
The guide pulley frame must be installed correctly and securely, and the pulleys and pulley shafts must be free of cracks and chips. The wear of the wheel grooves shall not exceed 10% of the original design thickness. Try to cooperate with the guide pulley frame appropriately, and the rotation of the pulley becomes flexible. The chain specification form should conform to the design regulations. There are no cracks and deformations on the link plate and shaft, please keep the transmission flexibility and reliability.

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