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Composition of Forklift Trucks

  • 2023-09-06
Internal combustion again trucks are generally composed of three main parts: power unit, chassis and working device.
1. Power unit:
The power unit used by the internal combustion forklift includes two parts, the power system and the electrical system.
The power system has a gasoline engine, diesel engine and liquid petroleum gas machine.
Ordinary type internal combustion forklift above three kinds of engines are available, cross-country forklift power is generally diesel engine, battery forklift power source for the battery and motor.
2. Chassis:
Forklift chassis includes four parts: transmission system, traveling system, steering system and braking system.
1) Transmission system
Forklift transmission system has mechanical, hydro-mechanical and hydrostatic, etc. Small forklift mechanical more, large and medium-sized forklift hydro-mechanical, cross-country forklift more hydrostatic.
2) Traveling system
The traveling system of forklift includes the frame, suspension and cockpit, roof rack and other parts, which makes the forklift assemblies and parts connected into a whole; supports all the weight, absorbs vibration, eases the impact, and transmits all kinds of force and torque. The frame is divided into integral type and folding waist type. Common forklifts are mostly of integral type, while forklifts are mostly of folding type.
3) Steering system
The steering system of forklift has mechanical type, hydraulic power-assisted type and all-hydraulic type, etc. With the development of science and technology, most of the forklift trucks adopt hydraulic power-assisted type and all-hydraulic type at present.
4)Braking system
Braking system has mechanical, hydraulic, vacuum-assisted and pneumatic type, small and medium-sized forklift mostly adopts hydraulic type, larger forklift mostly adopts vacuum-assisted hydraulic type, and cross-country forklift adopts pneumatic type.
3.Working Device
The working device of forklift trucks includes three parts: gantry system, hydraulic system and attachment system.
1) Mast system
Forklift gantry system is the main characteristic organization differentiated from other engineering machines, which is generally composed of inner and outer gantry, fork rack, fork, lifting chain, lifting cylinder, tilting cylinder, etc. It is used to bear all the weight of the goods and complete the work. It is used to bear all the weight of the goods, and complete the fork picking, handling, lifting, depalletizing and other operations of the goods.
2) Hydraulic system
Forklift hydraulic system usually consists of oil pumps, cylinders, reversing valves, diverter valves, oil and oil tanks, etc. The power is transmitted to the gantry system through the oil to realize the purpose of loading and unloading of goods.
3) Attachment system

With the progress of technology and people's pursuit of work efficiency, the use of forklift special attachments is more and more common, more and more types, in a nutshell, there are lateral movement attachments, rotating attachments, vertical (front and rear) movement attachments, special attachments for special goods, etc. It greatly expands the use of forklift. It greatly expands the scope of use of forklift trucks and greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading of materials.

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