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How to improve economic efficiency of internal combustion forklifts

  • 2022-09-05
In order to ensure the normal operation of diesel internal combustion forklifts, diesel with high freezing point can be selected as far as possible when the temperature allows, which can improve economic benefits. For this reason, the freezing point of diesel oil is usually selected to be about 5°C lower than the local lower temperature. Different brands of light diesel oil are basically the same because of their performance indicators except for the freezing point. Therefore, in the case of insufficient containers, oil consumption units can be mixed and used without affecting their quality. However, at this time, diesel oil with a higher freezing point must be used as the standard for use. Otherwise, the diesel engine will not work properly because it is not suitable for the local ambient temperature. An important factor in selecting a forklift is to consider the specific conditions of its application site and its warehouse. If the forklift is used to load and unload the trailer, the front-wheel drive, ride-on counterbalanced forklift is more suitable.

If the forklift is used to transport the goods to the trailer, one factor to be considered is the problem of "free lifting", that is, the fork can be raised under the premise that the gantry does not rise. The total width of the warehouse roadway is another problem that must be considered when selecting a forklift. Three-wheel ride-on forklifts are required to have a 10ft wide roadway, while four-wheel forklifts require a lot of indoor space, which is a 12-13ft wide roadway. In tighter aisles, customers prefer lift trucks with outriggers for pallet retrieval that can actually operate in aisles that are approximately 8ft wide.

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