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What knowledge UNITCM diesel forklift needs to know

  • 2022-11-23
On good roads, the rated lifting capacity of the UNITCM forklift is 3 tons. When operating on poor road conditions, the lifting capacity should be appropriately reduced and the driving speed should be reduced. When loading and unloading goods, the distance between the forks shall be adjusted according to the size of the goods. The weight of the goods shall be evenly separated by two forks to prevent the eccentric load or moving goods from slipping to one side. After the fork is inserted into the cargo pile, the fork wall should contact one side of the cargo, and then the mast should tilt back, and the fork should be lifted about 200 mm above the ground before driving.
When carrying goods on a slope of more than 7 °, the goods shall be above the slope. When carrying goods, it is not allowed to brake suddenly to prevent the goods from slipping out. When carrying large volume goods, the goods block the sight, and the forklift should reverse and drive at a low speed. It is strictly forbidden to leave the engine idling and unattended after the forklift stops. The forklift driver cannot leave the forklift seat. It is not allowed to lift the cargo in the air while the pilot leaves the driving position. No one is allowed to use the forklift without permission. In order to improve the service life of the forklift and prevent accidents, and to maintain the normal operation of the forklift and all parts, the machine must be strictly maintained regularly during use.
When the forklift stops midway, when the engine is idling, it should tilt back to retract the mast. When the engine is stopped, it should drop the carriage and tilt forward to make the fork land. In the process of work, if any suspicious noise or abnormal phenomenon is found, stop the machine for inspection immediately, take measures to eliminate it in time, and do not continue to work until the fault is eliminated.
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