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What problems should be paid attention to in forklift operation

  • 2022-10-25
During the operation of the forklift, the distance between the height of the bottom of the forklift and the ground is required. Not less than 300mm to 400mm. The inclination of the gantry also requires rearward inclination. The forks must not be raised too much. When forklifts enter and exit the work area and the streets, we must pay attention to the impact of obstacles. In a small hydraulic forklift, if it rises too much under load, the total pressure of the forklift will rise, and the stability of the forklift will be greatly affected.
After the forklift has put down the items, the forklift needs to be lowered to the low position before the forklift starts to operate. Always signal the driver when there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby while the forklift is turning. Do not make sharp turns at high speed. The result of a sharp turn is very serious, completely overturning the lateral stability of the vehicle and overturning the vehicle. The forklift cannot stop the small hydraulic forklift when it is going downhill, which is very dangerous. When the forklift is running under special circumstances, the driver should not brake the load while driving. When the forklift load moves excessively, more than 7 degrees, and the speed of rising and falling is faster than the speed, please do not use the forklift brakes!

You must obey the traffic rules of small hydraulic forklifts and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. When the small hydraulic forklift is working, the load position should not be too high. You cannot interfere with the operation of the forklift. Please put it down. The rack of the forklift should be tilted back (if appropriate). When we load items, we cannot increase the load. When operating large objects, it may seriously affect the driver's line of sight and directly block it. So, we had to choose to lower the small hydraulic forklift.

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