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How many do you know about internal fuel forklifts

  • 2022-12-26

1. Balanced heavy-duty diesel forklift has a good volume, but its stability is good, and it is suitable for heavy load. The use time is unlimited, and the use time is generally outdoors. , Overload capacity, strong long-term operation ability), low fuel cost. However, large vibration, large noise, large displacement, self-weight, high price, load truck 0.5 tons to 20 tons.

2. Counterbalanced gasoline forklifts are feasible in size, but they have good stability and are suitable for heavy loads. The use time is unlimited, and the place of use is generally outdoors. Gasoline engine is small, light weight, high output power, low working noise and vibration, and low price. However, the gasoline engine is capable of overloading, driving for a long time, and fuel economy is quite efficient. The load weight is 0.5 tons to 20 tons. 

3. The counterbalanced petroleum gas forklift (LPG for short) is a counterbalanced gasoline forklift equipped with a gasoline-to-liquefied petroleum gas conversion device, which becomes a liquefied petroleum gas forklift. The maximum conversion between gasoline and petroleum gas forklifts is carried out through the transfer switch. The advantages are good tail emissions, carbon monoxide emission air gasoline engine, low fuel system (15KG fuel consumption 20 liters of gasoline), suitable for indoor operations with environmental requirements.

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